Science & Business

L-up is a consulting agency specialised in national and European R&D funding programmes.

Since 2001, we have been advising companies – from SMEs to large enterprises – as well as research bodies. We accompany complex projects, building on the vast experience of our experts and our excellent network.


Develop your projects with the support of our science & business experts


L-up’s core team of nine senior consultants

combines multidisciplinary scientific and business backgrounds with longstanding expertise in innovation project management.


Our unique network of 70 senior S&T experts

covers industry and research, primarily in the sectors of transport, ICT, energy, materials, health, biotechnology, and circular economy.


Our approach is characterised

by the ability to listen and to rapidly integrate with existing teams, while furnishing vast expertise and a useful toolbox for managing complex projects.


Key facts & figures

More than 250 European projects accompanied, 150 funded!
Success rate: 60%
90% of applications accompanied by L-up exceed threshold. 
L-up has been a
partner in  34 FP7 / H2020/ HEU projects.

20 years of experience

L-up was established in 2001 by Philippe Bellier.

Striving for excellence, Philippe’s objective was to create a highly flexible, human-centred working environment, characterised by trust and appreciation, allowing L-up’s “field-proven” senior consultants to entirely focus on the client and on the quality of L-up’s contribution to each mission.

Phillipe’s approach was totally avant-garde in 2001 and still is incredibly progressive today.

But his vision reaches beyond: It places critical collective reviewing of projects, processes, or business models at the core of L-up’s unique modus operandi, thus allowing to capture different opinions and to promote exchange as well as individual and organisational learning.

L-up Philippe-Bellier

Why “L-up”?

For the curious among you:

L-up is derived from the Roman numeral for 50 and refers to the fact that L-up’s senior experts do not only carry the title “senior consultant” but actually DO have up to 30 years of professional experience and thus are around 50. We don’t claim that 50 is the new 40 – it’s the NEW 50, mature, dynamic, eager to share our knowledge, and able to move things forward.


L-up  is a member of ACI